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Spain, December 2nd 2022

Avatar.Webcam Version 22.12.x and above

Before downloading or installing Avatar.Webcam (The “Software”) please read carefully the following agreement.

This Agreement is made by and between CryptoAvatars SL (“CryptoAvatars”) with principal place of development situated at Paseo Pamplona 5, 6, 50004, Zaragoza, Spain, and any person who downloads, installs or uses the software (“Licensee” or

1. Subject

Subject to the terms and conditions of this License Agreement is the Avatar.Webcam
app for Windows and macOS subsequently called “the software” or “the app”.

2. License usage

CryptoAvatars will license the software to you only if you accept all of the terms
contained in this License Agreement. Therefore, you should read this agreement
carefully. By downloading, copying and/or installing the software you accept all the
terms in this License Agreement.

2.1 Personal License

As a natural person (as opposed to a company), you may use Avatar.Webcam for any
commercial purposes as long as you follow the terms of this agreement.
By using Avatar.Webcam, you grant CryptoAvatars the right to publicly advertise the
fact that you are using Avatar.Webcam on any social media channels, for example by
(but not limited to) retweeting your social media posts.

3. Patches and Updates

CryptoAvatars may (but is not required to) deploy or provide patches, updates and
modifications to the software that must be installed for the Licensee to continue to
use the software. CryptoAvatars is not responsible for any broken files that may
result from software updates. The Licensee is required to create safety copies for all
files used in Avatar.Webcam to prevent data loss.

4. Permitted Use for the Audio and Video Content created with the Software

By using the software you can create audio and video content, featuring Avatars,
Backgrounds and/or Accessories. This audio and video content may be kept private
or made public without any restrictions. This includes but is not restricted to
commercial usage in YouTube videos, livestreams, TV commercials, broadcasts or
public events (event booths).

5. You acknowledge to

The software is copyrighted and you have only the rights granted to you by this
document. Unless it is not allowed by applicable law, you may not modify, decompile
or reverse engineer the software. You may not, under any circumstances:


  • •distribute or publish copies of the software or resell, lease, rent, transfer, sublicense, or transfer rights to the software in any other way.

  • create derivative works based upon the software.

  • create license files for the software or attempt to modify the license file and/or bypass the license verification procedure of the software.

6. Disclaimer of warranties

You agree that CryptoAvatars has made no warranties either express or implied,
regarding the software, including any functionality, warranties of merchantability,
fitness for a particular purpose and error free operation. You accept the software "as
it is".

7. Limitation of liability

Except it is prohibited by law, in no event CryptoAvatars will be liable for any lost
profit, lost revenue, lost data, lost opportunities or indirect, consequential,
incidental, punitive damages arising out of or related to the use of the software
regardless of whether or not CryptoAvatars has been advised of the possibility of such
damages. In no event will CryptoAvatars's liability to you, exceed the amount paid by
you for the software under this Agreement.

8. License Agreement termination

This License Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate this
Agreement at any time by deleting and removing all copies of the software. If you
violate any of the terms of this License Agreement, your license will terminate. You
agree to remove all copies of the software from your computer if your license

If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid, the invalidity shall not affect the
validity of the remaining provisions.

9. Branding

If you would like to use the Avatar.Webcam logo and other branding in your videos,
please do not modify them.

You may use them, but please only do so in a way that does not make it appear as if
your project/stream is officially related to or partnered with Avatar.Webcam.

10. Further terms

You may contact CryptoAvatars at the following address:

Technical support may be provided but you are not entitled to it as part of this license
agreement. As stated before, the software is provided “as it is”.

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