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Avatar.Webcam is the app for those who want to use their avatars in any video call or streaming instead of their real life identity.

It is super easy and no extra software required to get started!

Be Anything

Avatar.Webcam allows you to use any VRM file that you own.


Get face tracking with just your webcam.

Use it across your virtual meetings!


Customizable background for any metaverse situation.

It is super easy and no extra software required to get started!

Easy to Use

Get into any meeting or streaming with your avatar in no time.


Use it with Zoom, Google Meets,

Microsoft Teams, Discord, Twitch, etc. You name it.


Avatar.Webcam appears as a

virtual camera option in you camera list!


Avatar.Webcam Details

Avatar.Webcam is designed to enhance your digital identity on the internet.

Designed for those who want to bring their virtual identity

into their day to day social interactions.

Any VRM Avatar

Install the app and select one of the hundreds of

open source avatars available to get started right away.
If you already own an avatar, you can import any

VRM model you have stored in your computer too!

Avatar.Webcam works with VRM file format avatars.

Video Guide here

CryptoAvatars Integration

You can log in using a Metamask wallet and use

the avatars you own from CryptoAvatars and the PFP collections supported in the platform.

Using your Web3 avatars in the Metaverse

has never been so easy.


A place for every occasion!

  • Choose a 3D environment of our collection

  • Import any image stored in your computer

  • Set a a color as background

No Extra Software Required

With Avatar.Webcam you dont need extra software

like OBS to have a functional camera.

Once installed, Avatar.Webcam will become

a virtual camera option in you camera list!


Just select it from the camera selection menu

in your favourite software.


Download Avatar.Webcam

Avatar.Webcam is a completely free software

developed by Polygonal Mind and powered by CryptoAvatars.


You don't need to have an account to use.


It is currently compatible with Windows and macOS, although movement tracking is not available on the latter.




Still having questions about Avatar.Webcam?


Join The CryptoAvatars Discord Server

and become part of the community.


All your questions, feedback and ideas are very

welcome and helps us keep improving the app!


Follow any project updates on our Twitter



Logo_CA_V2_WHITE ICON (1).png

Avatar.Webcam is developed by Polygonal Mind and powered by CryptoAvatars.


We designed Avatar.Webcam to help new users get onboarded

in the metaverse without any hassle and to empower

VRM adoption across the globe.


We believe that avatars are the visual manifestation of our online identity, they can enhance our real life persona but they also help us to remain anonymous when discretion is required.


CryptoAvatars lets people mint, buy and trade VRM avatars

as NFTs to use them across multiple virtual worlds, streaming,

conferencing and vtubing platforms.

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